What are they?

WellHeeled saves stilettos and other heel types from damage whilst driving. How many stilettos have you ruined whilst driving? Were you upset to see your stilettos damaged on their first outing whilst driving as they rubbed on the floor? A back-up pair for driving always in the wrong place in the car?

Well Heeled We all know the urge to buy the a beautiful pair of shoes to complement a new outfit, but do you remember that deflated and annoyed feeling when you notice that your beautiful shoes have been ruined with scuff marks on the heels?

WellHeeled heel protectors are the solution you have been waiting for – they stop your shoes being ruined whilst you are driving. Designed for practical, money-saving protection: The no-brainer investment in this elegant pair of accessories will pay you back over and over again. Designed with intelligence they are as simple to wear as possible.

Fast to put on, quick to remove, the fabrics have been tested and carefully selected to ensure no tagging of tights and no foot discomfort. One size fits all because the velcro ankle tie is flexible length and will allow the fit to any shoe size for heel protection.

Highly effective stiletto heel back protectors – provided in a lightweight pouch these products will last years – resting in your car for whenever required, or used daily your shoes will always look their best.