Well Heeled Protectors get great feedback from customers across the world.

“A simple to use, cute, portable, practical, wicked solution which will save shoe car driving heel wreckage – yahoo – thanks WellHeeled” Sarah Pettigrew, 6th January 2013

“Well Heeled have cracked it! Damaged outer party shoe heels have always annoyed me – all that money spent on beautiful dance shoes (or even suede ballet pumps) only to scuff and damage them as I drive out to a party by wearing them driving . . . I’ve never had a back up pair of shoes in the right place and now all I need is Well Heeled – the speedy protective solution to driving in heels. Lovely, flexible fabric, cleverly designed and durable, no hassle to use and easy to keep clean in the car packed in their portable pouch. I could not believe they would also work on my suede-feel pumps but they really do – fantastic.” Mary, London, 24th October 2012

“Well Heeled, a wonderfully sensible invention to solve that annoying problem of having to have a second pair of shoes in my car for driving. You can use Well Heeled to cover stockings (or bare feet) or simply place over sexy party heels that are a pain to take on and off for driving.

“Great idea, I know my friends are going to love this clever solution. One of those really useful girly inventions that we should all have.” Lindsay, September 2012

“Give your mate this wonderful new innovation for protecting expensive heels. Well Heeled shoe protector pair – easy to use, fast to put on and to take off, and leaving your shoes without any scuff . . . fabulously designed simplicity protecting my premium shoe perfection.” Siobhan, 28th August 2012