Frequently Asked Questions

Reasons why WellHeeled is worth a small investment are obvious.

Protect at all costs your evening wear luxury heels – make those shoes last. High heeled shoes are the daily norm for many ladies – as is driving to work damage. Stop that damage by keeping a pair of heel protectors in your car. Too often the best made shoes are fast ruined without heel driving protection. We have designed something simple to to wear that stops all that!

Frequently asked questions about Well Heeled Shoe Protectors

What exactly is the product?

Only £12.95 to protect shoes costing hundreds of £££s? WellHeeled shoe protection will stop you damaging your party heels, wedding shoes and stilettos from scuff damage, back of shoe tears and general wear and tear from driving. WellHeeled are THE preferred heel protector and are regularly featured in the media.

How do they work?

Shaped like a heel cup, WellHeeled are a lightweight pair of soft but durable neoprene shoe covers which slip over the high heel and cup the whole back area of your expensive shoes. They clasp gentle over the ankle with a comfortable band holding the cup firmly over the shoe heel and back bone area most likely to scuff during driving and sitting shoe rest.

Provided in a mini lightweight drawstring pouch WellHeeled heel protectors fit neatly over any shoe size, giving protection to all types of shoe fabrics without any rub damage due to the carefully selected fabric we have chosen. Whilst the backbone and join of the expensive shoe is normally exposed at its weakest point, the well heeled system give you coverage and protection in all kinds of situations.

If you have broad based stilettos we have designed WellHeeled to be flexible to branch around the base of thicker heels and are proud of the design integrity and simplicity. Fast to slip on in seconds and even faster to remove, hygienic to use, easy and comfortable to wear – you have much to gain ins aving your shoes from marks and tears.

After use, you can simply slip them off and your heels will be as perfect as when you placed them on your feet in the first place.

With every pair of WellHeeled, you also receive a lightweight carry pouch that allows youto remove your WellHeeled protector without getting your hands dirty. Once WellHeeled have served theirpurpose for your occasion, just pop them in your purse and place them for over and over again repeat protection.

OK so you’re a speed merchant – how long does it take to put them on?

Well heeled takes literally 7 seconds to put on – and better than that, takes 2 seconds to take off each shoe. That is a lot of discomfort and car aerobic pain saved. It takes longer to put on nearly any other shoe.

What types of fabric can WellHeeled be used to protect?

Easy, all shoe types. We have long considered the impact of our product to ensure the best protection for the myriad of materials used in high fashion stilettos and other shoes. You can use WellHeeled to protect velvet ,satin, suede, patent leather, leather and any other fabric you care to wear. The versatility means you need one pair in your car for any shoe style.

What size are they?

WellHeeled heel protectors are made to be perfect for all shoe sizes including ballet pumps and even some boots . . . but not really BIG boots . . . we are working on the boot perfect version.<

WellHeeled measurements

At maximum width the heel protector is 13cm – but actually it measures 8.5mm for protection around each side of the heel. They are not overly thick but the fabric selected gives a cushion to the back of your heel, giving soft comfort when driving or resting. The foot band is 25mm in width and long enough to go round all ankle widths with comfort. Flexible for all sizes, small shoe wearers will find the shoe protector equally easy to use.

What are they made of?

Well Heeled heel protectors are made of intelligent design combined with smartly selected fabrics to ensure long-term value and durability. The strength comes from the durable outer fabric layer – with a soft cushion inner to allow non marking to whatever type of shoe fabric you have –suede, leather, patent, we have taken it all into consideration. The important design features include the flexible heel opening cutter giving fit to both high heels as well as French Sole ballets flats (where more of the base heel is indeed partly covered over).

This leave flexible use for all shoe types and ensures we can always ensure you can protect your most treasured and expensive shoes. The over ankle band has taken some thinking – and ultimately concluded in a highly flexible for size Velcro band – which will nevertheless mean you avoid tearing expensive stockings and tights, or nipping at bare ankles. Comfortable all round and flexible in scale for all foot sizes, you will be impressed by the way our product works with such simplicity.

Why should you buy WellHeeled?

WellHeeled heel protectors are there to add value to your shoe investments, to give you la onger lasting return out of looking great in glamorous heels and beautiful ballet pumps where sometimes the fabric is so sensitive to damage the slightly wear in the wrong place can permanently damage. Practical and purposeful – flexible and clever to use, the money savings you will make on an averagely priced pair of shoes – over and over again means these are a no-brainer investment.

Why should you gift WellHeeled?

WellHeeled as a gift is one of those elegant, cleverly designed little secret presents that will please any of your friends. Don’t just protect yourself, protect the investments of your best friends too!

The 3 top reasons why women around the world wear WellHeeled

1. 100% money and shoe saving. A small investment in WellHeeled can help you save a fortune in shoe care, worn out shoe damage and thereby give you longer lasting returns from your fashionable investments.

2. Highly practical,and just a little glamorous, with a £12.95 investment you could be getting 4 times the use out of £150.00 shoes investment.

3. No further need for back up shoes in the car sitting redundant in the footwell of the car – cluttering up your space and always in the wrong place.

100% Comfort and simplicity

You can wear the shoes you desire, no matter what the event, and you never have to fiddle around with on and off shoe time wasting. Cover over your beautiful shoes,drive in comfort to your destination and within seconds you are off and running – with beautifuland smart shoes.

Never ever compromise on your style and image again

100% flexible with Well Heeled you can wear any expensive shoes in driving with full confidence that they will lookas good as new from the time you put them on your feet, not worn and ugly with wear. Comfy to wear you canrelax in your shoes and focus on the road and event ahead . . . and on the way home, quick to cover, without the delay of shoe removal, you are ready to drive within seconds.

WellHeeled are ideal for the following:

Driving any vehicle – For long journey protection – even if you are simply the glamorous passenger out to party – For bare feet protection . . . some people wear WellHeeled heel protectors simply to cushion their preferred barefoot driving style – For giving to your friends.

Oh, and did we mention that you can buy them quickly for an upcoming event?

We have just started building Well Heeled stockists, but you can quickly and easily purchase a pair here online too. At £12.95 WellHeeled pairs are a small investment with a great return. The savings you will make inextending posh shoe wear – and protecting your favourite glam pair of party heels is priceless.

WellHeeled come with a money-back guarantee

We’re so confident that you will value and appreciate WellHeeled that we offer a 100% Guarantee. If you are not happy with your WellHeeled heel protectors, simply return them within 30 days of receipt and we will refund 100% of the purchase price with no questions asked. If you do wish to give us feedback we are also keen to hear suggestions, improvements and your input.

So . . . what are you waiting for?

Join the growing community of WellHeeled investors! Get a pair now! Indeed as an incentive get one for your best friend. You will not be disappointed.