About Us

WellHeeled is an example in Enterprise coaching, mentoring and personal development that we hope may encourage others to reach out and ask for a little bit of help.

Well Heeled Shoe ProtectorLara Morgan, a successful entrepreneur, passionate about growth enterprise and innovation and a mother of three is working in partnership with Lucy Beer, a single out-of-work mum of two (that’s a job in itself!) and Lucy’s mum, who . . .well, lets just say she is nuts about shoes!

Lara and Lucy live in the same Wiltshire village they met as Lucy has babysat for Lara’s children. Lucy mentioned her and her Mum’s ideas on a possible solution to a age-old problem of shoe damage. Lara listened and used her network and contacts to design, sample and invent the WellHeeled product. Lucy is now learning all the stages of setting up a small business and most of all learning to sell.

She and Lara believe if you have faith in yourself and the people that help you, also with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Happiness is a journey, not a destination . . . you have to give a bit to get a bit.

Every shoe-lover hates their favourite shoes getting ruined and when they cost an arm and a leg they may not be warn as much as one would like. WellHeeled was thought about very carefully. Lots of attempts were made, remade and made again till we came up with the final perfect solution that is now a ‘must-have’. Our product is highly appealing to the mad shoe fanatic – not to everyone.

Every girl who loves shoes wants to keep them gorgeous forever. WellHeeled is not only for driving, but also for when you are a passenger as they do the same job . . . they take care of your shoe heels, flat or high.

We wanted to invent something that would speedily and conveniently put an end to the ‘scuffed heel damage’ and ‘spare pair of shoes back-up cost’ a problem many ladies can relate to. Too many times we are in a hurry and cannot be bothered to make the change of shoes, yet in 10 seconds we have a solution which means you can wear your shoes to drive without damage risk.

We know that some people have the spares purely because they can’t or don’t want to drive in heels. But for the ones who want to wear their heels because they may not have time to flap about changing shoes or just can’t be bothered, we came up with a ‘saving grace’ -WellHeeled heel protectors that fit ballet-flats and high heels.

After a lot of hard work, research, blood, sweat and tears, we are proud to have WellHeeled ready for every shoe lover to own. The quick and easy to use, lightweight protectors will hide away in the pouch provided and stored safely in your car or handbag, ready for when you need to use them over and over again!

So now you can keep those gorgeous shoes looking gorgeous for longer!

Naturally, you could also give this ridiculously practical and original idea to your friends as a great gift too . .